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    Looking in:
    Listing ID: 31099

    (Updated: Mon Aug 18 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 31099
    Looking in: MO, AR, MS, AL, KY, TN, WV
    Listing ID: 31094

    South Missouri North Arkansas North Mississippi North Alabama Kentucky Tennessee and West Virginia are places I'm looking at Timberland, Cheap Land, House with Land Off The Grid, Prepper Homes, Hunting Properties, Prepper Land, Private Wilderness, Hunting Properties Under 250 Acres as you see i am not to picky I want road i want food plots i want woods for hunting with a house 95k max with out a house 50k max.
    (Updated: Thu Aug 14 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 31094
    Looking in: Off Grid Remote Colorado Land
    Listing ID: 31084

    Off-grid, remote, good well and /or yearround live water or spring. steel building/ barn/storage -by itself- or a home w/ barn or garage. Alternative energy a huge plus! Graze for a couple farm animals a must! CASH BUYER. Time is of the element looking to buy in 30 days or less. Help please. thank you ! Blessings
    (Updated: Mon Aug 11 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 31084
    Looking in: Washington State
    Listing ID: 31054

    Condo 2 bed room 2 bath west valley, yakima wa.
    (Updated: Wed Jul 23 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 31054
    Looking in:
    Listing ID: 31053

    I'm looking for extreme northern arizona. Preferably something with a home on it, or if not land, just a home to rent up in the area. If they were interested in selling, I own my home where I live now and would be willing to sell and relocate
    (Updated: Mon Jul 21 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 31053
    Looking in: Arkansas/Missouri Survival Type Realty
    Listing ID: 31046

    Survival type realty. I'm looking for some property in Arkansas/Missouri area, possibly owner finance.
    (Updated: Tue Jul 15 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 31046
    Looking in: Northern California, Southern Oregon, Western or Southern Idaho Land Wanted
    Listing ID: 31043

    Remote or secluded Acreage with Home and outbuildings. Live water preferred..River, creek, springs, or pond. 35-1,000 acres. Priced between 200-800K, Mostly usable ground. Northern California, Southern Oregon, Western or Southern Idaho.
    (Updated: Sun Jul 13 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 31043
    Looking in: 1000+ Acres for a Theme Park
    Listing ID: 31012

    We are looking for 1000 acres + to look to build a theme park and resort on - $300M
    (Updated: Mon Jun 23 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 31012
    Looking in: Iowa Farmland Lease Wanted Beginning Farmer
    Listing ID: 31004

    Beginning Farmer in Western Iowa (USA) looking for an investor to purchase or current farm land owner(s) to rent farm land from for the year 2015 and beyond. My father has a small operation which I will be taking over in the near future and he will be assisting me with equipment and all other resources. Being a Beginning Farmer and having the opportunity to be your tenant you will benefit from the Iowa Beginning Farmer Program tax incentives (7% to 17% income tax credit), have the comfort of an honest, knowledgeable, reliable tenant, and an exceptional steward of the land while you receive a guaranteed return on your investment (3.5% to 6%); I am looking for land in Western Iowa . I am NOT looking for a "deal" or "hand out" just looking for an opportunity to expand my farm operation. I am willing to pay top dollar for cash rent, and open to crop share, flex lease options, and custom work. Personal and Financial references available:
    (Updated: Fri Jun 20 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 31004
    Looking in: Arizona Land Wanted
    Listing ID: 31000

    wanted well irrigated flood/drip farm around 200 acre well approachable
    (Updated: Thu Jun 19 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 31000
    Looking in:
    Listing ID: 30994

    We are looking for a monastery or convent or a property that can be converted to this use. An old school building or similar property could be converted. We need about 10,000 square feet. We are looking anywhere in the United States and Canada.
    (Updated: Tue Jun 10 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30994
    Looking in: Remote secluded land w/wo home close to water (Lake)
    Listing ID: 30928

    I am looking to find a secluded / remote home or cabin or even some land. Preferably close to a lake but this isn't essential.
    (Updated: Tue Apr 29 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30928
    Looking in: Ohio rural land wanted with or without home
    Listing ID: 30926

    Free natural gas, 20 ac or more, secluded, wooded, spring fed pond, lake or creek, with or without ranch log home.
    (Updated: Fri Apr 25 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30926
    Looking in: Colorado Gunnison or Saguache Counties
    Listing ID: 30921

    Looking for 35 acre plus, w/ home in Gunnison Co or Saguache Co of Colorado. Up to $300,000 for the right property. Needs well, water rights, barn, and corrals.
    (Updated: Thu Apr 24 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30921
    Looking in: Southern Arizona or California RV Hook up
    Listing ID: 30923

    Wants lot or acreage suitable to hookup RV i.e. water, sewer, power Looking in So Arizona or California
    (Updated: Thu Apr 24 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30923
    Looking in: Log Cabin with Land Wanted
    Listing ID: 30907

    Log cabin wooded land
    (Updated: Tue Apr 15 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30907
    Looking in: Canada MB or SK Mining Claims All Considered
    Listing ID: 30896

    WANTED: Mining claims in northern MB or SK, productive or non-productive, with or without buildings/with or without surface leases. All claims considered.
    (Updated: Mon Apr 07 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30896
    Looking in: Tennessee or Virginia Off the grid Land Wanted Retreat No Restrictions
    Listing ID: 30893

    hi, I am looking for an off-the grid land only in either TN or Virginia. Needs to be very remote for a potential retreat; with some running downhill clear water ( rivulet, etc.) for ram pump if possible; but not required. Very spiritual place needed; with much wildlife and eagles; etc. ( you know what I mean) ! Need to feel some winds; so the elevation needs to be at least in the area of 1,500 feet or so. No flat farm space or open areas.. shady/wooded only. want to have much hardwoods and mountainous views. and at least 30 miles to nearest town. willing to pay cash for property with no bank loan for right opportunity. NO RESTRICTIONS ON PROPERTY, PLEASE . Please call me asap; as we are looking to buy SOON.
    (Updated: Sun Apr 06 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30893
    Looking in: Oregon 1-2 Acres Land Wanted
    Listing ID: 30892

    Looking for 1-2 acres with owner fin. little to no down.
    (Updated: Sat Apr 05 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30892
    Looking in: CO WY NC ME ID MT For Eco-Village
    Listing ID: 30883

    Looking for 60 - 100 acres, suitable for building a small "eco-village" (please see our website for what we are endeavoring to do: http://ruralfrum.wix.com/shaare-shamaim). Prefer to be within an hour or two from Denver, CO (in CO or WY), but will also consider land an hour or two from Asheville or Charlotte, NC, or ID, MT, possibly ME, or even other locations... whatever will suit our purposes. We hope to be able to build a non-profit and help others, therefore we do not have much to work with, but are open to creative ideas. Owner financing, contract-for-deed situations would work??? ANY helpful info seriously considered.
    (Updated: Wed Apr 02 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30883
    Looking in: S. Carolina Georgia's Gold Belt land wanted 3+ Acres
    Listing ID: 30870

    3+ ACRES wooded, stream or creek ,secluded , no hoa or zoning , bug-out, camping, in GA. & CAROLINA 'S GOLD BELT AREA.
    (Updated: Thu Mar 27 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30870
    Looking in: Aquifer Land Wanted in Northern California
    Listing ID: 30862

    what's most important is : 1.)the Aquifer 2.) Northern Ca. Rural 3.) No less than 6 acres. Contact Me: Al Miller 702-471-0077 or info@eaglestar.net
    (Updated: Mon Mar 24 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30862
    Looking in: N. Mississippi Land with Spring Wanted about 8 acres
    Listing ID: 30848

    Primarily interested in land with spring not more than 8 acres in N. MS preferably bordering state or federal lands. May also consider property in or near the Ouchita National FOREST. May consider property trades as well.
    (Updated: Mon Mar 17 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30848
    Looking in: Quebec Canada Rural and or Off grid home with land
    Listing ID: 30833

    land and home, barn, lake or river, fireplace, solar
    (Updated: Tue Mar 18 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30833
    Looking in: Mineral Rights Property wanted in US and Canada
    Listing ID: 30832

    Properties with contract income. Oil, gas, aggregate, minerals and water, easements, leases etc. Must be strong client long term.
    Prefer larger properties US and Canada.

    (Updated: Fri Mar 07 2014)

    Please refer to buyer Listing ID: 30832
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